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Throughout history, our geography has brought up scientific, spiritual and philosophical scientists and pioneered in scientific methods. This geography we live in contributed greatly to whole world and civilizations. In the more recent times, in the period of Ottoman Empire, our country assumed the role of an academic and cultural bridge due to its commercial and social linkages between the East and West and therefore allowed the bringing up of worldwide known scientists, transfer of knowledge heritage and sharing of science among the continents.

Today our societies are in a period of change in which the universities and the scope of international relations are increasingly transforming. The rapid increase in the generation and dissemination of information and the development of communication technologies force the societies to rearrange their higher education and research capacities and attain a certain level. While the backwardness in higher education level in the Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia, in which our country is also included, prominently continues its existence in the recent years in which the globalization spreads in full blast and this condition contrasts with the course of the world, on the other hand the globalization facilitates the mutual interaction but intensifies the competition. Thus the inequality and disadvantages between the universities in terms of research and higher education have come to light more clearly.

In this geography with similar socio-cultural values and concerns, it is already time for the intellectuals to come together, reassess the common values and build new associations. For this reason, we have determined a long road map so as to establish International Universities Council and pioneer firstly for our region and then for the entire world and carried out various activities aiming academic cooperation, scientific research and student exchange between the countries sharing the same geography. Read More ...

Orhan Hikmet AZİZOĞLU

Founder Chairman of International Universities Council


The Mission of International Universities Council (IUC) is to provide cooperation of Higher Education Organizations in Asia, Africa and Balkan States and in all other regions in the fields of economic and academic technical projects and education and to keep alive and develop the regional and international common values in higher education. For this purpose, internal mission of IUC is to offer services that connect its Members, University Community and Higher Education Organizations to each other and its external mission is to represent the cooperating organizations, institutions and universities at international level. IUC regards the sufficient benefiting of its Members and the society from Higher Education as a social responsibility.

Within the scope of internal mission, IUC’s main objective is to provide support to universities in order for them to attain a level sufficient to respond to international demands within the framework of information, cooperation, open-mindedness and good will.      ​Read More...​​




     The 3rd General Meeting of our Council shall be made on 20.02.2017 Monday at 09.00 at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn - Ankara, when a majority cannot be constituted in this meeting, it will be made on 04.03.2017 Saturday at 09.00 at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn – Ankara * with the below agenda. ​​​​​​​

     It is importantly announced that all of our members should attend. 





1. Opening Speech of the Meeting by the Chairman Orhan Hikmet Azizoğlu,

2. Roll Call,

3. Establishing the Council Board,

4. Reading the Articles of the Agenda and beginning with the Agenda,

5. Reading and discussing the Activity Report of the Board of Directors, Financial Balance Sheet, Income-Expense Table, Estimated budget and Inspection Report and acquittal of the boards

6. Making the changes to be offered in the rules,

7. Establishing the New Boards,

8. Determining the Activities for the Future and Obtaining the Requests,

9. Closing Speeches open to all Participants,

10. Family Photo Shooting,

11. Closing General Meeting.


Hotel Hilton Garden Inn - Ankara

Adress : Çamlıca Mah. Anadolu Bulvarı No:26 Yenimahalle / Ankara-Turkey

Phone :+90 312 471 44 44