The Mission of International Universities Council (IUC) is to provide cooperation of Higher Education Organizations in Asia, Africa and Balkan States and in all other regions in the fields of economic and academic technical projects and education and to keep alive and develop the regional and international common values in higher education. For this purpose, internal mission of IUC is to offer services that connect its Members, University Community and Higher Education Organizations to each other and its external mission is to represent the cooperating organizations, institutions and universities at international level. IUC regards the sufficient benefiting of its Members and the society from Higher Education as a social responsibility.

Within the scope of internal mission, IUC’s main objective is to provide support to universities in order for them to attain a level sufficient to respond to international demands within the framework of information, cooperation, open-mindedness and good will. The broad base and variety of the universities and countries brought and to be brought together by the Council is able to close down the increasingly growing distances due to the diversity of development levels among countries and regions.

Within the scope of external mission, IUC’s main objective is to represent the universities throughout the world, chiefly of Asia, Africa and Balkan States in relations with various international organizations and to establish associations providing support to Higher Education so as to fulfil the responsibilities against the society. In order to achieve its goal to encourage and develop all educational and research activities of the member Higher Education Organizations in its field of activity, International University Council,

1. Encourages international student exchange of organizational units carrying on activities in undergraduate study,

2. Encourages the graduate and postgraduate students to continue a part or the whole of their courses and theses in the universities in other countries and assists in the establishment of the necessary infrastructure,

3. Supports the concourse of universities in various countries for conducting research projects and the generation of common projects,

4. Assists in the establishment of educational organizations for fulfilling the needs of international and local enterprises in the field of education and research.

5. Creates opportunities for collecting, developing and spreading information among members, member instructors, administrators, counsellors and students via international education.